4 in 1: uncoating of wires with cross sections 0.5–6.0 mm2 cross-over uncoating of round cables ∅ 8–13 mm longitudinal uncoating of round cables ∅ from 5 mm stripping of coaxial cables RG-6/59 Uncoating of round cables with side blades: NYM from 2х1.5 up to 5х2.5 mm2 ПВС from 2х0.75 up to 5х2.5 mm2 МКЭШ from 2х0.5 up to 14х0.75 mm2 ПВ/АПВ from 10 up to 70 mm2 Intergated blades: V-shape blades for uncoating of cables and wires blades for longitudinal uncoating of cables and wires Side precision blades: 6 profiles for uncoating insulation from cables 0.5-6 mm2 2 profiles for uncoating cables RG-6/59 Jack blade for uncoating cables and other operations Precision blades are made of high quality steel Blades hardness: HRC 60...64 Handle with a clamp for fixation on the belt Weight: 50 g Length: 125 mm

Multi-finctional pocket stripper WS-21 (КВТ)

Артикул: K77668
1724,00 руб.Цена
  • WS-21 (КВТ)

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